Federica Fulghesu




Experimentation of new methodologies, Development and innovation of urban policies.


Nesta Italia.


Federica is a Project Manager at Nesta Italia. Currently she works at the design and management of projects related to inclusion urban policies and development of intercultural practices, also supporting the work of the Foundation in other areas (education, arts, emerging technologies) through content production, event organisation and participation to EU and national calls. In particular, she leads a pilot for the experimentation of new methodologies (inspired to social innovation labs) for the development and innovation of urban policies in the field of inclusion.
Before joining Nesta Italia, Federca was Engagement and Advocacy Coordinator for the Mozilla Fundation, coordinating the advocacy actions in Italy and Spain and the relations between the Foundation and the EU Commission regarding campaigns for digital rights, creativity and open source. She took part in several european projects in the field of social innovation and entrepreneurship in Universities and european organisations. She has several experiences in curating cultural and artistic projects. She has a degree in Law, European and International Relations with a research thesis in Community Governance and Problem Oriented Policing.