Large shares of the Italian population are not aware of the Agenda 2030 and its ambition.

A-id x SDGs aims to establish our organisation as an important stakeholder and influencer in the Italian public policy debate through a holistic advocacy action that targets both experts and students all across the country.

In this context, the project has three strategic goals:

Advocacy: raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and the main challenges that policy makers are facing.
Empowerment: empowering the new generations through concrete actions.
Leverage: influencing the political agenda through an increasingly active citizenship.

A-id x SDGs | A-id: Agenda for International Development

School Project

This project raises awareness of sustainable development goals among Italian teenagers. A series of short introductory seminars will give students the necessary toolkit to identify good and bad practices in their social environments. Best practices from across the world will help students discussing existing practices and thinking of alternatives. Inclusive deliberation in the classroom will help students to translate different viewpoints into a manifesto for a sustainable future.

University Project

This project engages with undergraduate and graduate students in the drafting of law proposals connected with the Agenda 2030. Thirty students from leading Italian universities will have access to an online deliberative platform. By drawing upon high quality contents, such as scientific research papers, data sheets, infographics and interactive workshops, students will combine skills and expertise to draft evidence-based and feasible law proposals.


A workshop on youth, politics and the Agenda 2030 in Italy. Leading scholars, experts, members of civil society organizations, politicians and students will discuss the Sustainable Development Goals and their implementation in Italy. A group of high school will present their realistic utopias, and four groups of graduate and undergraduate students will introduce their proposals on issue such as multiculturalism, gender equality and environment.

As part of the mission to link academic knowledge with the real world, the first Agenda for International Development A-id x SDGs conference aims to address a constellation of normative and empirical questions concerning governance, financing, implementation, evaluation and achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.