CODE, Combating Disinformation with Democratic Experimentalism, follows a participatory and problem-oriented approach to learning and advocacy.

Drawing upon John Dewey’s problem-driven philosophy of democratic education, ur goal is to strengthen democratic institutions diversity by triggering a public debate on the responsibilities of ordinary citizens in combatting fake news consumption and the proliferation of racist speech online and offline.

CODE Project A-id

Project Activities

We have designed four project activities to enable students to develop critical thinking, cultivate collaborative reasoning, and learn from disagreement with other peers.

LEARN is a planned sequence and combination of seminars and debates designed to equip 30 high-school students from the ITC-Mattei (Rho) with knowledge and skills to process and discuss news and evidence.

COOPERATE aims to make graduate students participate in the process of advocating a healthier public discourse and a more democratic public sphere. Four students have been selected through a national call for papers. As A-id fellows, they will organize a series of online and offline seminars featuring national experts and policymakers.

TRY aims to capitalize on our teaching module. We will teachers, experts, students, and activists to a series of design-thinking sessions oriented toward the development of a high-school teaching module on media consumption and fake news to be submitted to other organizations and institutions for replication.

ADVOCATE aims to organize two high-profile public events featuring Italian scholars and public intellectuals introducing normative and practical challenges of online public spheres, bubbles, and echo chambers.

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Code Fellows

Roberta Lucano

Roberta Lucano

Roberta Lucano is a MA Sociology, Cooperation and Development student at Unical (Università della Calabria) with short experience in volunteering, activism, and associations in the field of welcoming migrants, promotion of social initiatives for the local area, and four-year experience as a teacher for foreigners. My research interests are in migration phenomenon, gender discriminations, and labor rights. My life goal is to understand and analyze the causes of the injustices that affect humanity with the hope of destroying them.

Research interests: migration, gender, labor rights.

Rebecca Livia Veneziano

Rebecca Livia Veneziano

Rebecca Livia Veneziano is a Transnational Law student and an Allieva of Collegio Clesio at the University of Trento. She has improved her studies on Fundamental and Constitutional Rights at Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Porto) as part of the project Erasmus+. To deepen her knowledge and understanding of human rights, she has also attended a Global Campus Read at West Virginia University (Fall 2021), a Global Community Challenge with the Immigration Services Calgary at the University of Calgary (Fall 2021), and a MOOCS in Science and Human Rights at Global Campus of Human Rights (Fall 2022). She is now going to be an intern at the Permanent Mission of Italy to the UN (NYC). Her interests focus on Human Rights – mainly Children’s Rights -, mechanisms of law for the balance of interests, and the attempts for coexistence between a globally shared set of rules and different cultures.

Research interests: human rights, children’s rights, multiculturalism.

Cesare Ceccato

Cesare Ceccato

Cesare Ceccato, from Morbegno, small town in the northern part of Italy, is currently a law student at University of Milan. Traveller since he was a kid, Europe lover and aspiring journalist. In addition to studying, he is part of the editorial staff of Eurobull, Italian webzine – included in the international network Le Taurillon – where he also holds the position of deputy edit.

Research interests: media ethics, European politics, journalism.

Imma Pepino

Imma Pepino

Imma Pepino is currently a Master’s degree Candidate in “Sociology and Global Changes” at the University of Florence, delivering a thesis concerning social movements’ cultural practices in the public space. Previously, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in “Digital Culture and Communication” at the University of Naples “Federico II”. Since late 2020, she has been joining the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa where she is finalizing an additional Master’s qualification in Cultural Studies. Her main areas of research are sociology of culture and communication, studies in human geography and social change..

Research interests: social movements, human geography, social change, digital culture.


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