Migration and Refugees

Several political leaders blame migrants for stealing jobs, destroying the social order, and eroding cultural traditions. Humanitarian discourses respond to xenophobia and anti-migrant sentiments rearticulating a paternalistic logic of emergency. Moreover, conflations in terminology referring to different ‘types’ of migrants have confused the public and have led researchers and policy-makers to put into the same box people with different needs.

The Migration and Refugee Research Cluster will give priority to the identification of ideological distortions that affect popular narratives on migration and to advocate a migrant-centred governance framework. To do so, the cluster commits to study what happens in high-income countries with the same approach adopted for low-to-middle income countries.


Exploitation and labour migration

Electoral rights of migrants in local and national elections

Countertechniques and participatory strategies to fight the proliferation of racist viewpoints

Universal and portable rights

Equal distribution of opportunities in an increasingly agglomerated economic order


Corrado Fumagalli | A-id: Agenda for International Development

Corrado Fumagalli

Founder and CEO

Head of Cluster

Grazia Ting Deng

Research Associate

Sabah Boufkhed

Research Associate

Articles on this Topic

Institutional racism starts even before the complex bureaucratic processes of inclusion and exclusion that immigrants encounter.

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Even in these dire times, welfare chauvinism is a pervasive public opinion where a considerable share of native-born citizens would like to treat recent immigrants as second-class citizens when it comes to hospital treatment for acute COVID-19.

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At the French-Italian border, the absence of adequate procedures, information and guidance, coupled with unlawful detention as well as the illegal push backs of minors, appear to convolute and delay prospective asylum seekers’ access to the asylum procedure in Europe.

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