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  • Novembre 28, 2019

    We know...

    Chilean mobilization is setting the seeds for a new social contract, one that can take seriously widespread sources of injustice and disenfranchisement.

  • Novembre 28, 2019

    Is there...

    We should focus on questions regarding the democratic legitimacy and social benefit of these programs, to make sure they are well regulated and serve the public interest.

  • Novembre 28, 2019

    The obstruction...

    At the French-Italian border, the absence of adequate procedures, information and guidance, coupled with unlawful detention as well as the illegal push backs of minors, appear to convolute and delay prospective asylum seekers’ access to the asylum procedure in Europe.

  • Novembre 17, 2019

    New Methodologies...

  • Ottobre 16, 2019

    The contribution...

    Cities have the transformative potential to answer future challenges through innovative strategies of inclusion.

  • Ottobre 16, 2019

    Kilowatt: an...

    Interdisciplinary and intersectoral activities, collaboration and a new, holistic way to promote entrepreneurship are the key cornerstones of the learning system created by Kilowatt.

  • Ottobre 16, 2019

    Fondazione Foqus:...

    Just a few years ago, having a school at the centre of a regeneration process and using education to contrast marginalities and support the emancipation of peripheries was unimaginable.

  • Settembre 8, 2019

    Gene drives

  • Agosto 7, 2019

    Student international...

    The main mobility flow is from the East to the West of the Union, with some 24.000 students a year applying for Western European Universities from Eastern-European ones.

  • Agosto 7, 2019

    Youth unemployment:...

    Youth unemployment rate is still too high.

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