Luglio 20, 2023

Financial Inclusion in India


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About Navika Harshe

Navika Harshe

Navika Harshe leads the health research cluster at A-id. She is an independent researcher who works on issues around health, policy and governance. She has a decade of expertise working in policy specifically monitoring and evaluation across Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the Lok Sabha (Parliament of India) and the Planning Commission of India. In her recent role as a Senior Research Manager at NEERMAN she led a cohort study which followed 440 pregnant women through their pregnancy in Uttar Pradesh, India. Navika was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Chicago where she received her Masters in Public Policy. She also holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Hyderabad. Her research interests include Health policy and its implementation, Economic development, Social and Public policy and Education policy.

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About Zoe Kennedy Hughes

Zoe Kennedy Hughes

Zoe Kennedy-Hughes is the Chief Research and Development Officer at Yugantar, a rights based NGO in Hyderabad, India. Zoe has vast experience working with grassroots organisations in health, education, sport and development and gender based issues. Zoe’s work is currently focused on the intersection of technology, policy and gender. Zoe holds an MSc. in Management from the University of Bristol.

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