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  • Gennaio 3, 2022

    Nationalism beyond...

    From East Germany, parallels can be drawn across Europe and America, with automation and outsourcing displacing comparable demographic groups in Italy, France, the UK, and America.

  • Dicembre 13, 2021

    The Sahel,...

  • Agosto 24, 2021

    Social protection...

    Most cities in the state do not have a formal system of waste collection. Given this context, the work of wastepickers is extremely valuable for the environment, though it is performed under precarious and hazardous working conditions.

  • Agosto 24, 2021

    The limits...

    COVID-19 has subjected the Central American population in irregular migratory conditions to renewed structures of discrimination.

  • Agosto 24, 2021

    Migrant domestic...

    The crisis unleashed by COVID-19 reveals and intensifies the violence, hierarchies and structural roots of the oppression, exploitation and inequality of the colonial capitalist patriarchy. 

  • Agosto 24, 2021

    Impact of...

    The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these pre-existing decent work deficits in the domestic work sector, particularly in developing countries.

  • Agosto 24, 2021

    What if...

    The pandemic was an intense experience, one that underscores that opportunities and limits of record-based social protection systems in a country with high levels of informality.

  • Agosto 24, 2021

    The impact...

    In Latin America and Africa, the pandemic crisis has worsened pre-existing vulnerabilities, while also creating new forms of social inequalities.

  • Agosto 24, 2021


    This special issue presents a range of cases studies from Latin America and Africa, in sectors as diverse as domestic and care workers, waste pickers, migrants and refugees.

  • Maggio 19, 2021

    Complacency and...

    A host of cultural and institutional factors has created an environment of complacency and lack of compliance. In which case, the third wave of the pandemic will be more tragic than anything we can conceive.

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