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  • Agosto 24, 2021

    The impact...

    In Latin America and Africa, the pandemic crisis has worsened pre-existing vulnerabilities, while also creating new forms of social inequalities.

  • Agosto 24, 2021


    This special issue presents a range of cases studies from Latin America and Africa, in sectors as diverse as domestic and care workers, waste pickers, migrants and refugees.

  • Maggio 19, 2021

    Children and...

    It is a difficult time for everyone, but it has been especially difficult for children.

  • Maggio 2, 2021

    Between nationalism...

    Chinese students’ restricted mobility during the Covid-19 pandemic exposes the double-layered pressure for international students’ mobility: cultural alienation and political marginalization.

  • Marzo 10, 2021

    The future...

    We argue for an understanding of the different challenges involved in conceptualising emerging labour realities, politically organising unwaged workers, regulating new forms of employment and thinking more holistically about working lives.

  • Febbraio 17, 2021

    Climate Change...

  • Ottobre 27, 2020

    High Water...

    As in medicine, preventive policy measures to attenuate negative side effects are more efficient than dealing with them when its already too late.

  • Ottobre 27, 2020

    COVID, Inequality...

    Amid this crisis, we have the opportunity to strengthen social protection systems.

  • Marzo 15, 2020

    When lifetime...

    It becomes imperative to seriously invoke the power of a collective movement that promises universal, accessible and affordable healthcare to all.

  • Marzo 15, 2020

    Respectful Maternity...

    Access to Respectful Maternity care is also one such resource currently but through a conscious effort of policy makers and medical professionals this resource could be available to everyone.

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