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  • Agosto 24, 2021

    Social protection...

    Most cities in the state do not have a formal system of waste collection. Given this context, the work of wastepickers is extremely valuable for the environment, though it is performed under precarious and hazardous working conditions.

  • Agosto 24, 2021

    Impact of...

    The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these pre-existing decent work deficits in the domestic work sector, particularly in developing countries.

  • Agosto 24, 2021

    The impact...

    In Latin America and Africa, the pandemic crisis has worsened pre-existing vulnerabilities, while also creating new forms of social inequalities.

  • Agosto 24, 2021


    This special issue presents a range of cases studies from Latin America and Africa, in sectors as diverse as domestic and care workers, waste pickers, migrants and refugees.

  • Maggio 7, 2020

    Health Care...

  • Marzo 15, 2020

    Creating an...

    Information is a powerful tool which can be used to enable quality health care in the battle against prohibitive medical service pricing and medical malpractice.

  • Marzo 15, 2020

    When lifetime...

    It becomes imperative to seriously invoke the power of a collective movement that promises universal, accessible and affordable healthcare to all.

  • Marzo 15, 2020

    Respectful Maternity...

    Access to Respectful Maternity care is also one such resource currently but through a conscious effort of policy makers and medical professionals this resource could be available to everyone.

  • Agosto 7, 2019

    Student international...

    The main mobility flow is from the East to the West of the Union, with some 24.000 students a year applying for Western European Universities from Eastern-European ones.

  • Agosto 7, 2019

    Youth unemployment:...

    Youth unemployment rate is still too high.

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